• Christmas Gifts From Ugreen - Click To Know More

    Christmas is coming and this is the detailed information about the gifts Ugreen is going to send, 50 red lightning cables and one 20000 mAh power bank with lightning cable included. You maybe one of the winners!

    2017/12/12 editor 1209

  • One iPhone In 2018 May Bring Metal Casing Back

    Although iPhones released in 2017 attract a lot of people and many people bought iPhone X. The rumors related to new iPhone in 2018 are floating around. It is said that there may be three kinds of iPhone and one would bring the metal casing back. And Face ID is available, too.

    2017/12/12 editor 5

  • Simply Explain Various Interfaces Of Audio & Video Equipment For You

    Though file transfer, peripheral connections and so on can be done with a wireless solution, the physical connection is still popular nowadays, especially the USB ports, HDMI interface. Of course, there are also many other types persisting which are explained in this passage.

    2017/12/09 editor 19

  • Christmas Gifts Your Family And Friends Will Love

    Your gift is an expression of how you think about that person. Christmas is coming soon.Have you decided what kind of presents you want to give? Actually, presents vary with people who have cars, students,photographers, people who love staying at home, people who love shopping and travelers.

    2017/12/08 editor 19

  • How To Pick The Best USB Wall Charger

    Power is necessary for our multiple electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspot or smart watches etc, perhaps all of which come with an original charger. It is easy to find that they will be out of juice and need to be charged within one to two days. How could we pick a good and even perfect wall..

    2017/12/07 editor 12

  • Upcoming: Updated Lazy Mount Holder For Cell Phones And Tablets

    Spondylopathy at present cannot be avoided because all of us are addicted to smartphones or tablets. And that is why various types of lazy mount holders are produced, in order to help people keep their eyes and devices at the same horizontal level. This updated lazy mount holder is stable, foldable and adjustable while..

    2017/12/06 editor 12

  • Upcoming: Metal Desktop iPad And Cell Phone Stands

    This aluminium alloy holder, with two versions, is in beautiful design, permitting us to put our cell phones or tablets on the holder while they are being used or charged. Of course,it is skid-proof enough and the center of gravity is stable, which can forcefully protect your smartphones and tablets as well as the desk..

    2017/12/05 editor 12

  • Apple Reportedly Release A 9.7-inch Cheapest iPad For $259 In 2018

    It is rumored that Apple is going to release new iPad for 2018 at the price of $259, which is even cheaper than the cheap iPad released in March 2017. That is a good news for those who wanna purchase an iPad. Will Apple really release a new cheapest iPad? Will this iPad come with a larger screen and a removed home butt..

    2017/12/04 editor 13