Upcoming: Updated Lazy Mount Holder For Cell Phones And Tablets

2017-12-06 09:12:10 editor 72

Spondylopathy at present cannot be avoided because all of us are addicted to smartphones or tablets. And that is why various types of lazy mount holders are produced, in order to help people keep their eyes and devices at the same horizontal level.


Rotate and fold as you like

Just like this updated lazy mount holder, 4-12 inch smartphones and tablets can be applied to this accessory, while at the same time its holder and base, and clamp can be rotated to a certain degree. We can revolve the parts shown below. Of course, the clips and knobs can be folded, too.



Stable enough

Three key parts of this lazy mount holder ensure the stability while devices are being installed.

The multistage lazy support permits us to adjust the knobs to keep it stable. That means we do not need to worry that the metal arms will fall.  




That is why two metal arms are equipped with this holder. It can not only allow you to adjust the angles and heights, but also permit you to preserve it without taking up too much space. Easy to install and easy to take.



Multiple hole sites & thickened base

What can be clearly seen on the bottom are four hole sites on the base to ensure that the lazy mount holder can be installed in various places and adjusted in different angles. Yes, we can play games, watch videos and do things we like besides sofa or on the bed in comfortable gestures.



Well, the base of the holder is thickened and widened, allowing us to fix it on the glass and wooden desktops or the iron support on the bed while thickened silica gel is equipped to get skidproof and stable function. What’s more, it can also prevent the surface of the desktop from being scratched. The maximum depth it can accommodate can be up to 75mm.



Space is set aside

The holder sets aside space on both ends to protect fingers when stretching the clips to place the devices on it. It gives us a safer and easier way to operate the holder.



Facilitate charging

As usual, the hole sites are kept on both ends of the holder, facilitating us to charge the devices while being used. Yes, we can do things we want during the charging process.



In order to keep spondylopathy far away from us and have a rest in an easy and comfortable way, this lazy mount holder is a necessity with the features we need are all equipped. Adjustable and stable enough, it can be applied in various situations and foldable to store without damaging our desktop surface.