How To Pick The Best USB Wall Charger

2017-12-07 10:40:27 editor 65

Power is necessary for our multiple electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspot or smart watches etc, perhaps all of which come with an original charger. It is easy to find that they will be out of juice and need to be charged within one to two days.


Some of your devices are charged by power bank which eventually is recharged by wall charger. Assuming that you have lost your little wall charger or you wanna purchase extra one in case you need it.


However, how could we pick a good and even perfect wall charger? What should be noticed? And what is the most important factor we need to put into consideration? At present, there are so many wall chargers with similar design and shape which cannot give us any useful information about which one is better. But some problems can be avoided actually.


Here are several useful steps that we can follow while choosing a wall charger.


1. Original wall charger

Typically speaking, our smartphones come with an original charger featuring the requirements of voltage and current, which can greatly ensure the safety of your charger and device. If you are not sure about the quality and detailed specifications, you can grab one off the shelf from retail stores or on Amazon online.


2. Optimized for various devices

Also, some wall chargers from other manufacturers can meet the basic requirements we need. But pls make sure that it is optimized for different devices with various specifications. For example, the currents of iPhones, Android devices and tablets are different breeds. Then will the charger adapt to different devices automatically?


Adapting to various currents is also what we want while most of the charger from third-party manufacturers are equipped with this technology. It is actually a little similar to the above theory.


3. Charging ports and charging speed of per port

The wall charger is not the traditional type with just one port anymore. Multiple ports are available now if you like while at the same time most ports are featured with quick charging technology.



Considering that someone may want fast charging speed when their devices can do that, one thing we need to take into account is the output current. Charging outputs of 5V/2.4A, 5V/2A, and 5V/1A and so on will be marked beside the ports or described in the instructions. QC 2.0, QC 3.0 and PD technologies are also obviously seen, too. If two devices are being charged at the same time, will the charging speed become slower? That is also what we need to consider.



4. Several protection systems

over-voltage protection

The maximum output voltage of the phone charger is generally 5V. The charger will act as a transformer to exchange AC into low voltage before it converts to the phone. when the voltage is unstable or higher than the intended value, the charger will stop working because of the over-voltage protection. Then everything is back to normal once the voltage is ok.  


over-current protection

The working theory is similar to the above one where the charger will stop charging when excessive current appears. On top of that, it can protect batteries of the devices when they are fully charged.


short circuit protection

Precious few chargers will feature a short circuit protection, though most are equipped with the above two functions. In general, the high quality charger should have these three features to protect the safety of the charger and devices.


Over temperature protection

The temperature is also a factor ignored by many people while charging, especially in summer. It is extremely dangerous to charge devices at high temperature. But this function can protect your smartphone, which is also achieved via stopping charging.



5. Fireproof material

It is also dangerous when the charger burns, which may probably cause a fire if the charger material is not fireproof. ABS and PC materials will be used for most high-quality chargers. Then fire can be avoided.


6. Where to get a charger

Are you willing to get one from the electronics retailers or from official websites? Suffice to say, if you do not want to purchase one from the original website or the electronics retailers, chargers from other manufacturers can also be put into consideration, too. Many of them are equipped with necessary functions without quality problems to worry about.


What our devices share in common is the need of power, so the wall charger is necessary while the power bank which can charge the devices is also quickly recharged through a wall charger. Picking a proper wall charger is simple and complicated. The above is what we need to pay attention to. Hope all can get a suitable wall charger!