AT&T's Calling Off Deal Will Never Stop Huawei's Ambitions

2018-01-12 16:45:20 editor 37

Huawei, as a Chinese tech giant, seems to be ambitious to be world's number one in the smartphone field. Its well-received smartphones have got a well-deserved reputation in China. It was rumored that Huawei would sell its smartphone in the United States in partnership with AT&T, a U.S. mobile carrier.


Unfortunately, the deal between Huawei and AT&T was terminated by AT&T before their partnership was going to be announced at CES 2018.


Huawei wants to make its presence known stateside through CES 2018 and enlarge its market in the US. For better or for worse, nothing can stop Huawei. Richard Yu, chief executive of Huawei's consumer business group, introduced the major focus - Mate Pro 10 - at CES 2018, which comes in three colors.



Focusing on smartphones' low speed and fast battery consumption, Huawei emphasized the FullView Design, highest standard of speed and security and long-lasting battery life.




NPU, the highlight of Mate 10, of course, should be introduced. As Richard Yu said, it leads the AI performance with performance up 25X and efficiency up 50X.



Super fast 1Gbps LTE Technology

It adopts 4.5G LTE network technology, supporting the world's highest Cat.18 communication standard. What's more, it can achieve 1.2 Gbps network speed and can realize the maximum speed combination of each operator in the world. It is worth mentioning that, Mate 10 series is also the first to support dual SIM card to use 4G network.



Security & privacy of the highest standard

Security and privacy of the highest standard are what Richard Yu lays stress on, featuring Android 8.1 system and supporting Google Cloud Services with Privacy and Security.



Work in extremely cold weather

He also showed us Mate 10 is the only smartphone that can work as usual in extremely cold weather. Furthermore, Mate 10 pro will be compatible with Google Assistant. What's more, with a USB C cable, the Mate 10 Pro will be converted into a PC.


This long-awaited Mate 10 Pro will arrive on the market in the US, costing $799 while its Porsche design version $1225. Pre-order from 4th-17th, Feb is available on platforms, such as BEST BUY, Amazon, Microsoft, Newegg, and B&H. And you will get an Early Bird Gift - USD 150 Gift Card.


Hands-on operation 

We have ever tried Mate 10 to cast the smartphone's screen into a big display with one Ugreen USB C to HDMI cable. It is so easy and convenient. Of course, same goes for Huawei Mate 10 Pro, which is going to be sold in the US market with a stronger processor.


If you are available with this strong smartphone, get one Ugreen USB C to HDMI cable and then you can enjoy the technology from Huawei.

The possibilities are endless and it's next to impossible to predict everything we'll see. We are waiting for Huawei's breakthrough and we all believe that it can furthest share its technology with people around the world.