CES 2018 Shows Us Our Future Lives On The Whole

2018-01-13 11:07:01 editor 51

After CES 2018 wraps up, it seems that we have known the trend of the future technology. Though two-hour power failure was unavoidable, it was just a brief interlude. As an annual international event, it represents us tons of new products and technologies.


Have you ever remembered days when several radio sets were shown initially at CES? It still told people the technology trend in these days.


It is still important after several decades and the development of technology speeds up. The all-encompassing CES shows people various products to be used in the future.



The smartphone is not a major point of focus at CES. But this year, two highlights attract people’s attention, namely the in-display fingerprint sensor smartphone from Vivo and AT&T's Calling Off Deal with Huawei. 

 vivo .png

Apart from these, three low- to mid-range smartphones from Sony debuted. Rumors about 5G technology have been swirling for a long time, but there are just some products at CES. 5G technology may be applied in a few years.



Speaking of laptops, diversification can be regarded as one bright point at CES 2018. Acer Swift 7, with a 8.9mm thickness, becomes the final thin laptop.


What's more, Lenovo Miix 630's battery for 20 hours use provides us a new solution as for the battery issue.


On top of that, Razer's Project Linda allows you to insert the smartphone into the laptop's base. Then desktop version Android system is available while the smartphone can be used as the touchscreen.

 project Linda.jpg

Smart Home

Samsung showed its 146-inch "The Wall", featuring micro-LED technology. The Wall doesn't equip any bezels. Of course, many other thinner TVs with higher resolution were shown off by LG, Samsung, and Sony.

 The WALL.jpg

An 88-inch TV with an 8K resolution from LG was announced, featuring an OLED screen and a base.


Car technology

Driveless and AI are still the major points in the car industry. Various sample cars from different manufacturers were shown. No matter how amazing are they, mass production is not easy for manufacturers.


Intelligent hardware, especially AR/VR, become more mature. Bigger breakthroughs in various fields are achieved at CES 2018. We'd be in a whole new era of newest technologies. You ready for this? And what's your idea about this trend?