Three Optional And Classy USB-C Docks Go Nicely On Your Desktop

2018-03-08 12:23:28 editor 342

A versatile machine will be gotten when we use a USB-C dock which can turn your MacBook into a general-purpose one. Features and ports your MacBook needs can be provided.


Purchasing a perfect USB-C dock is not an easy job as the perfect USB-C dock has not been produced yet and there are massive docks serving different purposes. But we can choose a suitable one depending on your requirements.


So what will you consider when searching for an excellent USB-C dock providing what your MacBook needs?


Three stylish USB-C docks from Ugreen working with MacBook and other devices. They are similar and the major difference is the HDMI and VGA ports. Two are separately equipped with an HDMI and VGA port while one packs both ports, which makes the prices be different.


vga HDMI.jpg



Like most of the docking stations on the market, this USB-C dock consists of three USB 3.0 ports and two card readers, along with an ethernet port and PD charging port. As for the ports that support monitors to run at 4K resolution, they are different.


Starting at 45.99$, these docking stations are at an attractive price point. And more detailed information has been described previously, just like the following links show.


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The USB-C dock can not only apply to MacBook, but also other devices. You can get more information on Amazon if you want.