• Ugreen is preparing special Easter gifts for you

    Easter is coming, what's your plan to celebrate this Festival? Enjoy a delicious meal with friends/family? Easter eggs hunt with kid's, or any other activities? Remember when you were a kid, colorful Easter egg was what you're waiting for you, right?For this time, Ugreen is preparing special holiday gifts for yo..

    2018/03/27 ugreen 166

  • Several Travel Accessories To Help You Travel Smart

    Whether your travel is memorable or exhausting partly depends on the travel gadgets. Would you say that you can make your travel experience more interesting and convenient without accessories? With th

    2018/03/13 editor 254

  • Three Optional And Classy USB-C Docks Go Nicely On Your Desktop

    A versatile machine will be gotten when we use a USB-C dock which can turn your MacBook into a general-purpose one. Features and ports your MacBook needs can be provided.  Purchasing a perfect US

    2018/03/08 editor 259

  • Ugreen USB C Docking Station Featuring VGA Port Is Arriving Soon

    The USB C Docking Station with HDMI port debuting on Amazon sold like hot cakes, making it impossible to get at present. Now its similar type is also coming soon and the only difference lies in t

    2018/02/02 editor 65

  • Valentine's Day Giveaways From Ugreen

    Ugreen Valentine's Day GiveawayValentine's Day is just around the corner and what is your own way to celebrate it? No matter if you are going to send your lovers or someone you love flowers, c

    2018/02/01 editor 110

  • Solutions For MacBook Pro Without Standards

    Apple introduced its super thin MacBook Pro, ditching all the older ports, HDMI port, standard USB port and SD card slot included. Should we only use the Thunderbolt 3/USB C ports to transfer data or

    2018/01/30 editor 81

  • More Useful Gadgets You May Need On Valentine's Day

    It is never too early to consider what kind of presents you need to send to your sweetheart or significant other. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but it is not easy for you to choose a

    2018/01/27 editor 60

  • Upcoming: Magnetic Charging Cable For All Apple Watch Series

    Various charging docks are produced to charge the Apple Watch or iPhone. What's more, some 2-in-1 design chargers allow people to juice up their Apple watch and iPhone at the same time. Of course,

    2018/01/26 editor 67