• Huawei Mate 10 Will Be Soon Sold In America

    Delivering super-fast data transferring at up to 5 Gbps, this USB C data cable easily connects your C-Type peripherals,such as Huawei mate 10. And the 30W wall charger is of great compatibility with PD supported Devices. You can keep your files, photos, videos and other data in the plug-and-play flash drive. All of the..

    2017/11/15 editor 29

  • Nintendo Plans To Greatly Increase Its Switch Units

    The Nintendo switch bag is hard outside while the inside is soft and protective enough to keep the Nintendo switch safe and sound. The design is favorable to put the switch and dock as well as other accessories in it. Nintendo is going to increase its production now, so it is a good news for Nintendo switch lovers.

    2017/11/14 editor 14

  • iPhone X's Another Bug: Screen Unresponsiveness In Cold Weather

    Apple confirmed an issue that iPhone X will be unresponsive in cold weather and it will try to update the software to deal with this. Yes, there are some bugs with iPhone X, the Face ID reco

    2017/11/11 editor 13

  • 2018's iPad With Face ID May Remove Home Button

    Obviously, Apple is accustomed to using the technical achievements of its previous devices for reference and applying them to its other products.  Now, Apple is repo

    2017/11/10 editor 11

  • The Upcoming OnePlus 5T's Most Probable Rumors

    As what has been claimed clearly in the 10 Top Smartphones in 2017 Tested By TechRadar, OnePlus 5 ranks 5 of the top 10 smartphones which were released before September. While at the same time, it is

    2017/11/09 editor 17

  • Apple's New Patent For Consumer Electronics' Fall Countermeasure

    A new patent (number 20170317707) has belonged to Apple recently. It provides drop countermeasures for electronic devices, and of course, which is originally designed to make its iPhones, iPads and ev

    2017/11/07 editor 13

  • Ethernet Solution Of Amazon Fire TV 2017

    All-New Fire TV 2017 can be ordered now and it is smaller than the 2nd Gen Fire TV 2015. Sure, the 2nd Gen Fire TV are favored by massive people.  Apart from th..

    2017/11/03 editor 53

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors You Want To Know: iPhone X’s Forceful Competitor

    Samsung Galaxy S8 just hit store shelves several months ago, but rumors about Galaxy S9 are floating around. Some reports claim that Samsung has already begun to produce its next year's Galaxy S9.

    2017/11/03 editor 26