20000mAh Power Bank with Lightning Cable Micro USB Port Max 2.4A for Iphone X/8,Samsung,Nintendo,etc

UGREEN 20000mAh Battery Pack Power Bank, MFI Certified with 3.4A Lighnting Cable for iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S8, Nintendo Switch, GoPro Hero 5 / 6 and More Android Apple Devices

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Brand : UGREEN
SKU : 40902


Product description

High-Density and Ultra-High Battery Compacity 

UGREEN portable charger comes with 20000mAh compacity, which can charge iPhone X 5 times,iPhone 8 5 times and iPhone 8 Plus 5 times 

Samsung Galaxy S8 5 times

and S8 Plus 4.1 times. It can be regarded as a backup battery for trip, hiking and working. 

Built-in Lightning Cable, MFI Certifated Battery Charger 

The battery pack has built-in lightning cable and MFI Certificate that is designed for iPhone and iPad with Max. 5.1V/2.1A output. 

There is a slot for managing the lightning cable, when it can be put in the slot when not in use. 

Intelligent Detection and Charging Automatically 

When using the buil-in lightning cable, you do not need to press the power button, it will detect your Apple device and charge it automatically

after your device is connected. When they disconnect, the power bank will power off automatically. 

Multi-Protection Ensures Safe Charging 

The battery pack comes with overcurrent protection, overvoltage protectoion, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, 

over temperature protection and over power protection, which makes your device safe when charging. 

4 LEDs Indicates Power Condition 

Less than 5%: the Last LED Blinking 

1 LED on: 6%-25% Power 

2 LEDs on: 26%-50% Power 

3 LEDs on: 51%-75% Power 

4 LEDs on: 76%-100% Power 


MFI Certificated Number: 219693-0067 

Input: Micro USB Port, Max.5V/2.4A 

Compacity: 20000mAh/3.7V 

Total Output: Max.5.1V/3.4A 

Lightning Output: Max.5.1V/2.1A 

USB Output: 5.1V/2.4A 

Battery Type: Lithium polymer battery 

Lightning Cable Length: 10cm/3.9 inch 


The automatic detection and charging without the need for powering on can only be used for the built-in lightning cable charging, not for USB port charging. 

When charging 2 devices simult

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